How do I transition out of my fast?

The longer your fast, the more important your transition out of your fast is. If I just finished a three day fast, the last thing I want to do is eat a big steak and mashed potatoes as my first meal.

Your transition should be half the time of your fast.

3 Day Fast - 1 ½ Day Transition

4 Day Fast - 2 Day Transition

6 Day Fast - 3 Day Transition

8 Day Fast - 4 Day Transition

Be careful with processed ingredients and animal products during your transition. You just finished cleansing your body of a lot of toxins, so be careful of what you put back in. Fats and animals are harder to digest. I even eat fruits and vegetables separately and pair proteins with non-starchy vegetables. Different combinations digest better than others. I don’t want you to stress about food combining, but some things are common sense. Have a big ol’ burger and fries and you’ll feel terrible. The very first thing I try to eat after I break a long fast is a

smoothie that is mostly vegetables. Then I might have some fruits or cooked vegetables. I personally stick to pretty much fruits and vegetables after a long fast.