How do I pray?

P - Praise

A - Admit Sins

T - Thanking God

O - Praying for Other People

M - Praying for Me

The first thing is to start with praise and admiration, thanking God for who he is and how amazing of a King he is. Next is to admit your sins and confess to God, asking for forgiveness. The third step in my prayer routine is to thank God for anything and everything. The “O” in PATOM stands for praying for other people. It is important to keep others in mind and pray specific prayers for them. You may know what to pray for through conversation and community with others or for asking God to put certain things on your heart for others. Lastly, I pray for myself and the things that I need. As I said earlier, I tend to write down my prayers and then speak them to God. This is helpful and keeps me focused, but it also is a really great thing to look back on. I love that when I write the prayers down, I can go back and look at them at a later time. Sometimes I’ll think, “I can’t believe I prayed for that or was worried about that”, and it is a really powerful thing to be able to look back and see how God has answered prayers and to see the results.