What are the different types of fasts?

Dry Fast – This is No food. No water. The benefit of this is when you deprive your body of water, it has to pull water from other cells and go into survival of the fittest. All the weak cells die off and the powerful cells draw water from the weak cells that they draw water from. This is also really good for inflammation, even if it is short term. Fat has hydrogen in it, and hydrogen and oxygen make water. So if you are deprived of water, your body is going to create water from fat cells. This is not the fast that we’re practicing in this book. I call this fast phase Zero because it is not something that I will recommend or talk about in this book. I just want you to know it exists.
Water Fast- You literally eat nothing but water
Coffee and Tea Fast- Only black coffee and unsweetened tea
The Limited Liquid Fast or Stabilizing Liquid Fast
With this fast I am drinking things that stabilize me, sustain me, and help take my fasts to the next level.
· Water with one lemon or lime squeezed, or water with one freshly squeezed orange. This is only like .5 oz of freshly squeezed juice
· Organic Coffee with MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Or a Non- Dairy Coconut Creamer like Laird Superfood
· Bone Broth- Bone broth is something that I use when I am doing longer fasts because it helps balance your electrolytes. Even though I am a fan of electrolyte packets, it seems like bone broth works even better.
Keep in mind that bone broth can be super high sodium, so if you step on the scale when you are eating a lot of bone broth, don’t be surprised if you see your weight go up. I don’t want you to weigh yourself during the fast and think you are destroying your metabolism.
· Organic Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea with Macadamia Nut Milk or Organic Canned Coconut Milk **Check the Can to make sure there is no Guar Gum or other chemicals like Carogean and sweeteners. It is really important that you are reading the labels on anything you add to your drinks during this phase. I was shocked when I was at Starbucks and asked to see the ingredients in their coconut milk .I couldn’t believe all the chemicals and sweeteners. You want to keep your fast as clean as possible. If possible, make your own nut milks using only the nuts and water.
The Clean Juice and Smoothie Fast
I want to put a disclaimer that I do better when I am sticking to stabilizing drinks. Even juices that are green, because they have fiber and proteins will cause your blood sugar to spike and this will make you hungry.